Fan and Hong

Tearing up the floor at the Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver

When two of the most fun-loving humans turn up the good vibes to 800 at their Polygon Gallery wedding, you better believe their wedding video is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before—while being every bit as true to them. Fan and Hong are unapologetic in their love for each other, for expressing themselves through dance, and for wanting to show everyone one helluva good time.

It was a Polygon Gallery wedding for the books (and then some)

What else can we even say here that would ever do this marvellous duo justice? They prioritized fun, the most important people and passions in their lives, and did things in their own way. And we love them for it:

Lined up, ready to throw shade, and light up your smoke bombs. Dabbing like no one’s business. Infusing every bit of fun into all the traditional and modern bits of your wedding, including making it rain lai see. Bubble tea at the cocktail reception and Church’s Chicken as the late night snack. You and your brothers sharing the art of breakdancing at your own wedding reception at the Polygon Gallery because why not? Celebrating like all eyes are on you and you’re having the time of your lives (because you are). These two beautiful misfits and all their moves on the dance floor. Tens across the board.

This is what happens when a couple’s style and vision line up exactly with ours and letting us into their world becomes a no brainer. Fan and Hong, thanks for lighting up our lives, our screens, and inviting us to be a part of some amazing memories. We love you.

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chinese wedding party throwing lai see
groom breakdancing at his polygon gallery wedding
wedding couple speaking at polygon gallery
geometric modern decor at polygon gallery wedding
chinese bride and groom holding pink smoke bomb
bride enjoying wedding reception at polygon gallery
chinese groom dancing at polygon gallery wedding
chinese bride hugging dad after first dance
chinese groom dancing with his mom after first dance
stylish chinese couple dancing at wedding reception